How the D's do court day

Nov. 29:  The court made official what our hearts already told us was true:

We are the parents of Little Man.

Social Worker, Me, Hubs, Assistant Orphanage Director and our AMAZING facilitator after court

The judge for our region is a notorious grump. Our facilitator warned us not to let it worry us. She likes to scowl. When it was my turn to declare what we were up to, I could not get the nervous smile off my face. Ohhh I was worried she was going to not appreciate my giant grin. That she would think I did not take this seriously. But I could not shut it down. The more I fretted the larger it got. Literally my cheeks were hurting and I was desperately trying not to explode in nervous laughter. And then……

She looked at me and SMILED!

When we left, every one kept joking about how that was there first time to see her smile during court.

We bummed a ride with the assistant director to the orphanage to tell Little Man the good news.

oh man- first OFFICIAL family photo- it's a keeper. He looks a little freaked out here. Sorry Buddy. 

Here's me telling him the good news…. He is still thinking this over, unlike his dad he doesn't like to jump into things too quickly- he likes to process it out. 

I told him, "You can call me mommy!" In response he either passed gas or smiled. I am going to go with smile just for story-sake though. :)

We now say goodbye for 7 days. Really though, what's one week when we will have the rest of our lives together?

We will be back Little Man and our adventure will really begin!