The Happy, Depressing, Celebrate, Sob Day

Yeah say what?! And that is exactly how my mind felt all day-- I was on feelings overload (thanks for that birth control :) )
I have adapted over the last year to limit my emotional response... It was becoming too much with the lay offs at Cessna, Jon moving to Houston, Getting kick out of Weddings, getting rejected from every job on the planet, etc. I learned to kinda not really "feel" the change or the news, but just roll with it.
Here is a summary of events. Originally Jon was leaving Friday but his Visa never came in so his flight out changed to Monday. He was all packed to leave for India but he needed to spend a couple hours at the office wrapping things up before I came to pick him up and take him to the airport. While he was at work, I did my usual morning routine of job prowling. I checked the status of some apps to see once again Rejected; that the Hospitals are only taking RN's with experience and I have to wait till January for the next GN internship. BOOOO! So I am all mopey-- Jon's gonna be gone for a month and I'm not going to have anything to do. Plus the looming thought that I will never be employed. These ideas were completely depressing.
I pick him up and we go eat his last Mexican food for awhile and I am trying to be all supportive with my cheesy "This is going to be great for your career" word vomit. We get in the car to go to the airport and I have a voicemail. Enter the emotion overload:
I got a job offer! WHAM!
Basically the result was just a mess. I was doing this laugh, cry, snort thing and I literally ended up over a trash can dry heaving because I could not catch my breath. And that just made me laugh harder and then cry harder. Really a sick cycle!
I am sad that Jon will not be here on my first day as a School Nurse (which I will post more about later) but I am soooo thankful his Visa got jacked up and he got to be with me when I found out about it!
I did learn a small lesson... I few small cries here and there are a lot easier for the men to respond to than the heck of show I gave him! I ended the day catching up on So You Think You Can Dance and pretending to be a contemporary dancer to celebrate.