Spring Break 2011

My trip to Midland over Spring Break was fabulous:
To start I got to hang out with my cousin, Emma, all weekend. I still remember when Aunt Carla sat on our couch and told us she was preggers! I planned out a future for me and this new cousin. In my head I would be her best friend, taking her to soccer games, painting each other's nail, etc.
As a 12 year old, the idea of me married, having a job, living in another city did not occur to me. I feel like I never get quality time with her.
Emma is now in 8th grade! Where did all our hang out time go?! She is an amazingly posed, funny, and VERY TALENTED teenager! Works her butt off at the barn..... doing jumpy horse things that have real names that I do not know.
I posted her video for all to watch~ which I know she will be upset with me for doing that but I am Impressed and Proud. Seriously, in 8th grade I was excited to make a silly free throw and this chica is making horses do just whatever she wants them to! THE POWER!

Mom and I got much needed girl talk time. I love that I am at an age that I truly love and respect my mom and desire her input. Good grief~ it would have made being a teenager easier if we could conclude these principals earlier in life.

Houston is a city of food. So many amazing chefs and choices. But there is something about the food you grow up on that will simply always be the best! I filled my little tummy to the brim with Shogun's, Murry's, Pizzeria Venti. Plus, we all know that my mom is a little baker so I had to eat up a gooey yummy chocolate cake. And it would have been rude for me not to finish the whole thing before I left! I return to my hubs as a curvier woman. ;)

I did miss my ole Hubs though. Venezuela did not feel right. I had a pit in my stomach about it and I am not usually like that. Jon and I are frequently separated by mileage and while it does make me sad, I have learned how to cope. But this time, something in my gut was unsettled about this trip and when it got canceled the relief was overwhelming. I realize that yes, he will have to go at some point but the timing or something was simply off for right now.

One last day of Spring Break and what am I going to do?
Sleep! (well at least in between the loads of laundry)