The dress

I have this weird obsession for pretend shopping for cute dresses. I really do not like shopping. I can do, let's say, about an hour of mall time, and then I am done. Get ready for Cranky Carly. Oh I will bring it! A bad attitude, mean remarks, pouting, and if you push me, I can give you a hell of a breakdown in a dressing room over my arms! Ask my sweet mother. She has learn the hard way to keep the shopping time sharply to 59 minutos!
But for the first 20 minutes, I get fairly excited about cute dresses. Well Carly, you are thinking, I never really see you wear dresses. mmhhmm. You are correct! And yet I want to.
So Why not?
First: When am I suppose to wear them? Nurse= Scrubs and our church is pretty casual.
Second: It looks like I am trying to hard! My fear is people will look at me and think: Why is she wearing a dress? And it puts this added pressure on me that my hair and makeup need to look even better. And with the state my back is in... forget about it! I would have to wear a jacket. Which I end up putting on anyway, feeling like a scank with my shoulders exposed ;)!
I never think these things when I see someone else in a dress so why would I think others are have such rambling thoughts about me.
Occasionally I, or usually I can blame to co-shopper with me (i.e. MOM) can talk me into buying such a dress. I am excited. I feel all cute in the dressing room and think, I am going to find places to where this new attire. The result is these lonely dresses sit patiently in the closet. Oh and they do not even make the "real" closet. Poor guys hang untouched in the guest bedroom closet as to not torment me with their sad dusty eyes!
So this weekend I am conquering these insecurities and putting on dress! Judge away World, because my scanky shoulder, backne, and ponytailed hair are wearing a cute dress anyway!
oh dear.......................................