Why so Delicious?

I have a new very serious and startling addiction.
It began as an innocent snacktime, pick-me-up and now has work its way into a nearly daily -DAILY- event. For those of you who know me, sweets are a weakness, but this, my dear friends, I think will surprise you:

I rationalize....
"it's cheap~ $1.08 for two"
"I had a rough day"
"I had a good day"
"I barely had time for lunch"
"Traffic is so bad it will help pass the time"

On my route home I pass FIVE McDonald's that tease and torment me. If I am strong enough to pass the first four, I break at the last one and even add a diet coke to the order. All the Mcdonald's worker now know me. They crack jokes about "the cookie girl" or at the one by my school "esta es la chica que come todas las galletas."

It is funny, and then..... it get serious... BOO for serious thoughts.
Truth B-slapped my face this weekend: This is not innocent! Dang it!

Sometimes in an effort to combat my obsessive eating habits/thoughts I allow myself to overindulge. Fearful, that saying no to a craving gives the power back to my old thinking. But this is just a substitute I suppose. The reality is, I am giving food the same authority if I always say yes as I did when I always said no. What happened? Soo sneaky J. Food, my friend, you are not in charge. Do not be confused by my recent baffling behavior but I am still boss! This week I am challenging myself to say no McD’s!

And I am willing to admit that I will probably need help. So if anyone reads this blog….encourage please! If you have my number, call or text between 4:30- 5:00 p.m. this week to remind me that I am in charge.

HAHA! Creepy and soooo fitting for this post.