Movin' right along

Being a School nurse was…….

School nursing was a time…..

The thing about being a school nurse…..

When I look back at school nursing……

OK School nursing was simply not for me!! J I really do not know what else to say. Eventually, the teachers started being nice, I finally got added to the staff e-mail list so I wouldn't awkwardly show up in my crazy socks when they had changed it to "Crazy Hat Day", and the one Christmas card I got from a little boy who took an inhaler every day was slightly encouraging. But overall, this is not what I pictured I would be doing when I decided to be a nurse.

First off- I should NOT complain! I was very lucky to score the gig in the first place. Thank you Jan Jones at Health Services! Telling her I was leaving was hard because I felt like an ungrateful tiddy-babby. Without this I would have been doing nothing, or settled for job with a major contract and would not be able to tell you my big news:

I will soon be a nurse on PICU at TEXAS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL! MMMM that feels so good to say, type, or get up and doing a little jig to. Am I scared?…… uh yeah! I have been sitting in a school all year taking temperatures and screening vision….I am terrified! Bonus news alert:

It’s the GN program! Meaning I get paired up with a fellow nurse to work with for the first 20 weeks. This news was like zofran for my nauseous stomach. Can I repeat how awesome this is?!? THIS IS AWESOME!

As usual, I am also tripping into a little Guilt Coma. Am I abandoning these kids? Is leaving a pride issue? Where is my commitment? How will I face the staff after they find out?

I will hopefully quickly work through this and just get excited about how Jon and mine’s life keeps “Moving Right Along”!

Nothing soothes a nervous spirit quite like the Muppets!