Embracing the "Betty" within

I have a 2 month break between jobs. This, for some, is a welcome rest. An anxiously awaited vacation to leisurely read, watch some desperate house wives, or sunbathe at the community pool. (I must admit I still am watching my share of horrible shows.) Immediately I start to stress. I begin to feel the need to "wife up". This pressure, I must stress, DOES NOT come from Jon; who keeps telling me to relax and simply watch The Bachelorette.

When I am working full time I have the ultimate excuse. I am not much for the household managing. I only do laundry once a week and I cook a maximum of two meals (usually crock-pot) a week at that is about it. And I do not feel guilty. I work hard at a stressful job and so does the hubs. Jon and I come home, grab dinner, and then cuddle on the couch watching Netflix or reading the rest of the evening. No pressure. We work hard, we relax.

When I am not working I feel the need to embrace the unfamiliar world of a stay-at-home-wife. "Everyone else is at work, I must be doing something!" my mind shouts to get me out of bed early.

Let me fill you on my new Betty Draper life:

1. Waking up early with the Husband for moral support. Does he really need me to cheer him on as he brushes his teeth or eats a Cliff bar? Probably not! But I feel great purpose here. :)

2. Work out appointments. I refer to working out as an appointment now. It makes me feel like I have something official going on in my day. "What are you doing today," one may ask. "Oh, I have an appointment at 9:00 a.m." (A crucial appointment to go to Zumba or bodypump with Amanda Scott my work-out buddy.)

3. Baking. I am determined to help Jon make friends at his new job by sending copious treats all the time. My husband will be the most popular one at work if I have anything to say about it! Two words: Cappuccino cookies! I am seriously stalking Joy the Baker!

4. Laundry. Daily. I go through Tide like a drug. It is very therapeutic to do this task. Such a sense of pride for getting that drawer full of plaid boxers. Once I start working I will drop this drug cold turkey though.

5. Vacuuming. I need there to be vacuum lines on the floor so that when Jon comes home it looks like I did something… haha. It’s quick easy and makes it look like I made some effort to clean the house.

6. Cooking. Not much though. Because the truth of the matter is we really enjoy eating out.

7. Visiting people. I will blog more about this later, but I have this rare opportunity to catch up with pals. Love that!

And I still find time to squeeze in some Bravo t.v. and good reading in! Now all I need are some cute A-line dresses and some petticoats to be good to go. I keep reminding myself to embrace this time. Enjoy the little things now because the 12 hr shifts are sneaking up around the corner. Who knows, by the end of this vacation I might be a self-declared Betty and Proud of it!