Houston GNO! and Justin Timberlake

Reblogged video via abitofsilliness.

I don't know if it is really funny or if I just think he is so cute that it becomes funny because I want it to be. I really do have dreams that Justin, Beyonce, and I hang out a regular basis. Someday I will be seen at a coffee shop nonchalantly chatting it up with JT, B (of course Jay-Z will be there with her), Tina Fey, and Kristin Chenoweth. Someday.....
But for now I will enjoy the fact that I was invited in my first Houston GNO!
Girls Night Out. Which indicates slight success in the new effort to make friends. I was so friendly I even shared fajitas with someone. (even let her order sour cream on the plate without my usual obnoxious groan.) We went and saw Monte Carlo. I will not try to defend this choice but will bravely admit that I did not HATE it.
Do I have girlfriends yet? I think it is happening people. I was pretty darn-tootin charming; sharing fajitas, carpooling the ladies in the Prius, appropriately sneaking Spice Girls into the CD Player, throwing out the compliments, giggling and giving that "look" to the gal next to me when Selena Gomez finally kissed the boy. We can only hope they took the bait.
Someday my exclusive coffee date with my dream cast will be routine, but it was nice to find a pleasant filler until then. Thanks ladies for the invite. Keep them coming.