Inspiration, Exploration, and a little Perspiration

Indeed the words for my weekend.


Found this wall inside the home of Amanda Mason-Hays and knew I wanted one.

I decided before I start my new job and I should tackle one last big Betty-Finale of a project.

Durham living room before:

No I do not decorate with Christmas year round, these pics are from December.

Durham Room After:

While I want to take credit for this mighty feat, I should probably go ahead and confess that my mom was in town this week. Not only was she the support during the ever daunting “decision-making” moments that stress me so, she also sponsored the rugJ. This 8x10 majestic number was only $199 from Marshalls HomeGoods. Steal of a Deal!


The family then spent Saturday transporting through time and reliving the story of TEXAS at the Houston Museum of Natural Science's new Texas exhibit. I feel reconnected to my roots and proud to be Texan (or as they kept saying in the video Texian.) I love being a Durham, but my Crockett blood runs deep!


I am sure you were expecting to find a picture of how ridiculously hot and humid it seems to be this summer and it was hot and humid this weekend. But this Perspiration is not from the sun, the guilty villain causing me to sweat this weekend was UNITED/CONTINENTAL Airlines. They canceled my parents flight on Sunday! grrrr. Then they had no plan to help the 200+ passengers find a new way to get to their destination. Oh wait, they did offer to put them on the Tuesday evening flight. While that sounded soooo helpful, my Dad had a project at work he had to be back for. Jon and I got online and booked them on the 9:45 p.m. flight from Hobby, drove to IAH picked them up (first they waited 2 hours to get their bags back), and drove them to Hobby with Mom on the phone in the backseat trying to convince Continental to refund them for the canceled flight. Perspiration.
In Conclusion:
I love Southwest. Why do I punish myself by booking flights with other airlines? I know what me and Southwest have is real, true, and beautiful. Forgive me SW and please take me back!