Looking for a Gayle.

I am trying to play it cool. I am meeting new people and bringing the A game in the effort to make a good first impression. Hopefully they will think I am sweet, friendly, and maybe a little funny. Really I just want to say, LIKE ME! BE MY FRIEND! SIT WITH ME! CALL ME! ;)
Good grief...When did I become so crazy? Historically, I am the friend-maker. Up for the challenge. Witty, friendly, and creatively finding ways to avoid the awkward "don't know what to talk about next" moments when getting to know new people. This is why I find it paradoxical that I am stumbling over words, letting the silence linger to that uncomfortable point, and seriously getting hot flashes when I am talking to people that I am starting to be smitten with (the friend-crush kind of smitten). I am tiptoeing the line of friendly and stalker-like.

What I really want: Is a Gayle. A Jennifer Aniston. A Dionne Davenport. A Rose.
Or switch it around: A Oprah. A Courtney Cox. A Cher from Clueless. A Blanche.

I am going to spend some time with the hubs this weekend regrouping. Give the new people I met a chance to forget some of the socially awkward moments that I accidentally created and start fresh Monday. :)

Oprah image via People

image via PBS on how to make friends. yeah. I read it and plan to put it in action. Talk to me next week
about it or maybe not. Because I might be to busy with all my new friends that this article helped me get.