Take a look, it's in a book!

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Completed so far:

Body Surfing- Anita Shreve
I was as virgin Shrevian and I must say it was not too bad. Fast easy read. Perfect if you are looking for a "lighter" summer beach book.

The Midwife's Confession- Diane Chamberlain
Picked it because my interest in Labor and Delivery. Disappointingly it did not include much about the actual midwife profession or stories, but it did have some intriguing characters and surprising curve-balls in the plot. Started off slow but at the end I had to stay up till 2 am to finish reading to find out what happened so I guess I ended up pretty involved.

Love wins-Rob Bell
I know, how controversial! Just Scandalous :)! If you have questions, doubts, insecurities, even anger about this book; it might be a good idea to quit assuming you already know what it says and actually read it. You may still have the same feelings but at least you will no longer be acting like you can read Bell's mind. (Apology to those who indeed are telepathic. If you have read his mind by all means, pass on the book)

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake- Aimee Bender
Enjoyable. Creative. Do it.

In the works:

Love is a Wild Assault- Elithe Kirkland
Good ole Historical Fiction came with high praises from the Scott family. Pretty heavy reading though and might take the rest of the summer.

And I leave you with some Reading Inspiration as you too enjoy your summer reading. Let me know if you come across a keeper.....