HR Week High Five Moments

1. Discovering I can wear TCH T-shirts with my scrub bottoms. Pajamas basically. I will wear pajamas to work while the rest of the world puts on their business casual. I came home yesterday and Jon thought I was wearing a Track suit. I get to wear a royal blue track suit to work.
2. My Benefits = Free Baby. ok. That does not sound right. But basically the hospital (as long as I go to TCH/St. Lukes) is free -100% covered- when you have a baby. Steal of deal... even better than the rug from the last blog. End the rumor before it starts: I DO NOT NEED THIS SERVICE YET! I am just thinking of future baby. Sorry Mom and Kelli, didn't mean to get anyone excited. Take a moment to regroup if you need to.
3. When introducing ourselves to the HR rep we were supposed to say our name and then the unit we have been assigned. For example I said, "Carly, rocking the PICU." urggggh... I know. Word vomit. See what I am talking about with the awkwardly trying too hard to be cool.
But the story gets better. One girl said, "{her name}, acute care." A concern and confused look overcame the face of our HR lady and she emphatically responded "of course I care!" I could not hold back my annoyingly loud gasps for air as I laughed. No...... Don’t get it yet? She heard "do you care?” instead of “acute care.” If you saw how surprised and perplexed the HR women looked you would see the funny here. Once again, it is the simple things that make me happy.
4. My fist bump with Mark Wallace. Thanks to new friend crush Adrienne A for making that happen. Mark Wallace is the CEO of TCH. Adrienne called him over (see why the crush) when we saw him walking in the lobby. He wished us good luck in our new jobs by offering our small group some celebratory high-fives. Except when it was my turn I guess he wanted to mix-it–up a little because I got a “pound it” then he politely asked permission if it was ok for him to “blow it up” which of course I answered, “YES, let’s blow it up.” Maybe next time I will teach him the “jelly fish”.