Vanilla Hearts

An attempt at Shortbread cookies:

Recently I have found myself enjoying the melt in your mouth deliciousness of the shortbread cookies at Panera Bread and felt that an eggless pastry should be something I could recreate in my own kitchen. I found a Vanilla Hearts recipe and accepted the challenge. But why limit myself to hearts when I have the tools at hand to construct STARS.... yeah baby!

Batch #1
So Hearts are evidently the chosen geometrical shape for a reason. The stars were a FAIL! Should have seen that coming.

Batch #2
Spent a little less time in the oven and the results improved.

The stars, however, did turn into a scrumptious coffee pastry this morning. Dunking those crunchy ends into my steamy fresh cup of joe was the perfect solution.

Overall my Shortbread attempt was a little "short" of a success.