Running with style

Went for my first outside run of the season. Fall, for some people, is here when the pumpkin spice latte is back, or perhaps it's getting ready for Halloween, or these days you know its fall when Christmas decor hits Hobby Lobby. For me, its being able to run outside again.
Yes, I realize I could have been running outside anyway but I enjoy breathing, staying hydrated, not throwing up and avoiding heat strokes. In my head, where I am CEO of fantasy land, I am an incredible super-athlete with a resting heart rate of 40 and built of solid muscle. In the real world, there is NOOO way I can run outside if it is above 90 degrees. NO way. I would cry and have to call J to pick me up somewhere.
Lets go ahead and be real honest with each other- I did not do well. I have not run outside since spring and my body let me know that this decision was unexpected. But my body also loved it. As I started running, my thighs worked and as my muscles were waking up and they stared screaming "it's about time". My lungs stretched open and my heart pumped furiously to keep up and I loved it. And I hated it. I made it 3 miles and then almost threw up while waiting for the crosswalk to blink go on the way home.
At the "oh mercy alive- I'm about to throw up in front of all these cars" moment I thought to myself "WHY am I not doing this more". This is going to sound simply juvenile but I felt so good that at one point I even through my arms wide open while I jogged. Then I realized what I was doing and immediately pulled myself together. Only Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow can run like that and get away with it.
All day I felt better about myself- Like I was some magnificent Olympian for running (jogging) 3 miles. The getting up to do it- bummer, the motivating myself to do it- difficult, the actually working out part- painful, the post-work out feeling of accomplishment- TOTALLY WORTH IT.
Did I inspire you to set your alarm for 4:30 a.m. tomorrow? yeah..... I'm still trying to convince myself to do it again tomorrow too.