oh look a dancing goat

As we drove through small country towns along the route to visit the grandparents, my mom would make random comments about how peaceful it would be to have a cow and a goat and how much she wanted one. haha..... I don't think she really thought it through. It would just look so picture-book when we would pass by giant farm houses with wrap around porches and small baby goats and cows off in the field.
Last weekend at the pumpkin patch, a stinky grungy goat purposefully tried to pee on me. Seriously, it was intentional. We were feeding him the silly goat food and when we ran out, he gave me the stank-eye and then turned around to pee on me. Anything but peaceful.

She was probably picturing something more like the little hopper in the above video. Here is your peaceful moment Mom.

Image via Cafe Cosecha