Stopping Evil Willow

Oh Willow. Shy, innocent, Nerdy Friend of a vampire slayer. Wait.... that's not right. She dated bad boy werewolf Seth Green, then switched it up to dating a girl, and then turned into Dark-Scary-Peel-Your Skin-Off-And-And-End-The-World Witch. This chick was totally a dynamic character!
I feel like Willow demonstrates just how crazy out of control our emotions can get sometimes. Time after time, I hear a girlfriend tell me a story about how she lost control of her emotions. "I don't even know what I was so upset about." or "My poor boyfriend/husband, he had no idea what to do". This is why we need Buffy's and Xanders in our lives people. You need your other girlfriends to tell you that you are not crazy, you are a woman! :)
Sometimes in these crazy moments, I almost start laughing. Because I am sure it looks a lot like this scene. I am Angry-about to destroy the world-Evil Carly, picking fights with my precious hubs, then all of the sudden I am a heap on the floor crying. EPIC! How Dramatic!
Hubs is probably completely confused.
I just love the classic beating of Xander's chest till she falls to the ground in his arms. HAHA... So Good, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, So darn good! :)
The next time your Evil Unstable Willow is surfacing, here is a recap of a plan I use to help try and keep it short and less destructive to those around me:

1. Skip to the Cry. Really, somewhere down inside, you are probably angry because your feelings are hurt or you have given someone enough power to make you feel bad about yourself.(Dang it I do that so much) Crying is a lot less damaging to our own bodies and others then all that anger. Willow did some serious damage on her anger rampage.(seriously that skin-peeling scene still haunts me).

2. Think of a character's breakdown. I go here, to Willow. Or the ever dramatic Anne of Green Gables. Another classic is Jessie Spano's fiasco on Saved by the Bell. It either a)makes me laugh at how out-of-touch with reality I am that I am acting that crazy or b)reminds me that this happens to everyone so much that they can put it in books and shows because we can all relate. I am not crazy! I am just having one crazy moment!

3. Go do something. TV is not good. Surfing the Web, not good. Standing in front of the mirror, HORRIBLE IDEA. These things make you feel worse about yourself. GO! Go run your errands- grocery store, library, etc. Go vacuum the house. Pick a craft project off the ridiculously addicting PINTEREST. Blog. Journal. Exercise. Call a friend for lunch. Do your homework. Even in the ideal environment of the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam a job because He knows we need to be busy or we get silly!

4. Share the moment. We keep everything so secretive. Call your mom. Share in your girls bible study. Meet up with your significant other to talk. I call my bestie up in Austin who makes me feel less crazy, validates my feelings, then we move on and talk about other happenings. But we need to share, you will find out that you are not alone and we have all been there. The Xanders in our life tell us they love us and sometimes that is exactly what we need to hear during these rampages.

5. Remember to be the Xander for someone else. Once you find your happy place again, don't forget how overwhelming it feels to be out of control and look out for your friends having their Willow or Jessie Spano moments. Remind them that you love them always. Sometimes they might even need to beat up on you for a second till they fall into your arms crying. ;)Be willing to take a couple hits.

We are not crazy we just have crazy moments! Your feelings are VALID! :) Yay for hormones and emotions!