Hold it in

One of my few memories from first grade: my first "boyfriend" Victor. Hispanic, deaf, and a major Rico Suave. I became obsessed with sign language. It was essential to our relationship! I signed up for all the sign language courses at the day camp Kid's College that summer. The rest of my friends enjoyed the ever popular "Wild-n-Wacky Kids" class where they had water balloon fights, crazy games, and one day in the carpool line they were even covered in slime. I, however, had my notebook with the 100+ signs I was determined to learned by the end of that month and had no time for childish things like slime. It would just mess up my organized and clean notebook. We were quite serious. Victor found an earring under the swings on the playground and gave it to me. I was smart enough to know that I probably shouldn't wear it, but I did understand that a boy gave me jewelry and that meant something fierce. The fire between Victor and I some-how eventually sizzled out. I think I found him teaching signs to Leann at recess and couldn't forgive his indiscretions. I guess I should have signed up for Wild-n-Wacky Kids.