image via Courage-Hope-Strength

Go ahead and Enjoy yourself. Stop being a victim and start being a Conqueror. Women (and sometimes guys) have what my hubs and I dubbed the Victim-Complex. It is like we have to prove that our life is the most difficult to establish the idea we are stronger than others. Or maybe it makes us feel like we have an excuse when life doesn't work out just as we wanted. I don't think we even realize we are doing it. Posting things on facebook. Trying to top each others bad work day stories. And now-a-days every person I meet was mad fun of in high school. Which they probably all were because it is high school, filled with guess what- TEENAGERS. (Megan Fox reports she was even ridiculed. You have to say if hot mess MeggyMeg can't make it out of high school without being made fun of- WHO CAN?)
 Is it because we think that is what we deserve? Are we embarrassed to say I love my job? Are we afraid people will say, "who is she that she thinks she gets to enjoy life?"  You are good enough for a good day, a GREAT day, a loving husband, a compassionate mom, a job well done, hilarious friends, a lazy day where you never changed out of your pj's. You are good enough. If you had a bad day, that stinks. I hate bad days, the ones that everything is going wrong. You could cry at any moment. You are literally considering growling at a co-worker. It is not what you deserve though. If you are having a bad day every day..... I would look into that. That doesn't make you stronger than others or a harder worker than others. It might be time for some CH-CH-CH-Changes. Changes in your job, friends, or maybe your Spirit/Attitude. You are also good enough for help if you need it. Ask for it. Because when it comes down to it- We are all survivors. Amanda beautifully reminded a friend after what was truly a very bad day, that we are all more than CONQUERORS! (Romans 8:37). Instead of competing against each other to be the victim, share with each other how we are conquerors.
Have a Great day today and if you do, feel free to share that news. Let me know so I can enjoy the news too!