Changing the line-up

Announcement. What I am about to share took a lot of deep thought and soul searching.
I am changing my celebrity friendship lineup. (Don't act like you don't have one. The couple of celebs that you would hang out with on a regular basis.) See here for my previous crew. It has been a solid unchanging list for several years now and I felt the need to evolve it as I myself have evolved.
And with this I say, Beyonce, you have been a good celebrity pal. Your superior dance moves and rockin thighs have always somehow made my days better. The effort you make to get our youth hip and healthy is duly noted. With that, We need to move on. Of course Jay Z is still part of the crew so by default you would still make it to say birthday parties, etc.
Tina Fey, you are a classic. My weird obsession with female comedians all started with you. You are just in a different league now. Comedian Mom. It would be hard to relate to your new mom based jokes when we meet up at the coffee shop.
So with two spots vacant, it is important to keep my gang well rounded. I need my go to comedian, which I think I am pretty set on Mindy Kaling. The music video above pretty much settles the debate. I also need to fill the opening of Superstar. (Jay-Z does not fit this. He is not just a rock-star. He is the world dominator-entrepreneur-pays for everyone's dinner every time-friend.) This is where I am really up in the air and looking for guidance. This is a serious decision. Your Celebrity friend line up say a lot about who you are as a person!
 Suggestions. Who is on your list?
Here are some ridiculously lame but seriously awesome quizzes to help: (Loved this one because it paired me with Natalie Portman!) (Terrifying results. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! What the Heck Happened!)