Easy as 123

Built in 1905
The Curb appeal

Walk right into to the living room. Remember things are still IN PROGRESS. No harsh judging!

This little gem of a buffet table Jon grabbed when he was helping move his uncle's  mom to a nursing home.  He came in apologizing about how dated it was..... I fell in love! PERFECT FIT!

My sweet little Granny painted the tea set as a wedding present!
Vase: Home Goods $9.99

guest bedroom (ready for friend and fam to come visit- hint hint!)
Reading room. Which has now been rightly dubbed "Woman Cave" by the mother-in-law. Jon turned the closet into a built in for the TV.  We sanded, primed, and painted all the trim and doors white. Now I have a place to go when all the boys take over the man cave.
This was the Reading room as the previous owners had it... to bad they took all their furniture right?!?

Ok so the work continues on.....
Master Bedroom:. The room is so big and I really do not have any furniture to put in it yet.

Man Cave: Up and running with the essentials. Couch and Giant TV!

Kitchen: Boy howdy. That project feels burdensome. Once it begins I know it will be a huge nuisance and commitment so I have been avoiding starting at all costs! Can I microwave my oatmeal? yes. Can I make my mac'n'cheese? indeed. So what's the hurry?

Office: This is where I hid all the stuff/junk I don't know what to do with still.
Home owning is fun but I am ready to have the home decorating part done and just do the home living thing for awhile.