Can you pull in Leviathan with a fishhook

Can you pull in the Leviathan with a fishhook?
I get to take care of some of the CUTEST kiddos! I was lucky enough to spend valentines day with TWO sweet little valentines all day long. When I give my heart to my job I realize it also sometimes brings the breaking of my heart. Something I pray I do not become hardened to.
The strength these families show in the midst of such adversity! I am impressed and in awe. With Shane and Shane jammin in their baby's crib, I prayed that God would continue to supply them with strength, love, and patience.
I never really like the way that God seemed to belittle Job, and called him out. It felt kind of harsh.  Job was facing an unreal amount of heartache and was simply looking for an answer. I am continually doing this. Seeking God for some sort of answer for disease and heartache I see everyday.
Maybe God was not trying to say "Who do you think you are?"
Maybe it was more of a reminder of "Who do you think I am?"
Hey Job, look at all the stuff that I can do, and that I take care of. I can take this crazy Leviathan and put a ring in its nose and make it a pet. I can tackle giant enormous overwhelming obstacles bigger than that ole Behemoth. Everything under heaven belongs to me! You are not responsible. You do not have to carry THE BURDEN of responsibility here. It is mine. It is bigger than you. It is mine. And I can do it!
What a relief.
Thankfully my God can pull in the Leviathan with a fishhook.