Front door greetings

Should I just keep it brown- has the Colorado cabin feel to it.
Spicy Red says come in we are exciting!

Blue/gray says we are peaceful yet unique

Yellow says we are crazy fun and cute

Purple says My husband has no say in paint choices
 My mom called this morning to rub it in that her and Dad are DIY-ers now. They painted their front door over the weekend. She also reupholstered some chairs, spray painted outdoor furniture, and redid  her bathroom this year. Not to mention the fact she is making and selling bows. Basically, she is getting out-of-control. I am a little concerned about the group of ladies she is spending all this time with that are influencing her this much.
The only rational response to all this home project craftiness she exudes right now is to compete!
Let the games begin....
Why I already know I will lose the war? Indecisiveness. Shocking, I know! This Indecisive ailment I have been afflicted with since my 10th birthday, when I cried (wept) once I was informed I could choose any restaurant to eat at for my birthday dinner, has no cure! Sure, I have learned coping strategies that help relieve the symptoms but the illness remains. And it is why I will not paint the hand-me-down dining room table, reupholster the southwest fabric dining room chairs, or even paint the front door. Pretending to paint the front door with paint shop is much less permanent and quite fun in fact. What do you guys think? Which color fits best?