More paperwork please

I have been kicking "to-do list" booty.
OR that's what I thought until I received an email from the facilitation team today with a crazy load of more paperwork, forms, documents, test, and copies that I need to do and get notarized ASAP so I can then get the apostilled.
Seriously, I did not even know what that meant.
I am now stressed and in a negative funk.
How do I even go about getting some of this done?
 For example:
~ need the signature of a county appraiser and have it notarized.
~ statement of  a bank representative regarding our mortgage and have it notarized.
~ Doctor physicals, (including an HIV/Syphilis test) have it notarized, and include a certified copy of his medical license!!!!
How do I arrange a notary to be there at all these things in case there is not one at their locations? Who is a notary that can be my appointment buddy?
Things just got real and complicated by reading one email.
Thankfully the kind naive lady also listed her phone number. I feel for her. I am going to grant her the holiday weekend and then we are about to become best friends.
And remember that time I wrote about the Life Long commitment of parenting--You betcha I am calling my mom to come up here to help before I have a freak out moment. (hint hint mamacita)
I hate the idea that my lack of effort, my misunderstanding, or my mistakes/delays on paperwork might be slowing down the process of bringing the Baby D home.
My plan right now- Go watch the new season of Arrested Development of Netflix.