How the D's do Home Study Day

7:30- Shower. Clean. Print out our Evacuation Plan and pics of the floor plan since we forgot to do this last night. Straighten, organize and quickly mop the floors.

8:45 -I hear the click-clack of the doggy door and for some reason think "eeeee...I hope Roo doesn't get muddy." Two minutes later I realize I have jinxed myself. Click-Clack. She bolts back through the door with mud dripping from her bearded mouth and chunks of grass and dirt trailing her every step. The social worker said she would arrive between 9 and 9:30. Remain Calm! Hubs scrubs her face and paws while I pin them both into the laundry room with the new baby gate we got to impress the SW. I quickly sweep/mop  the trail she left in her dart through the house. We regroup, pour ourselves another cup of coffee, and station ourselves to the couch so we can hear the awaited knock (We really need a door bell).

9:45- SW calls. Her plane is stuck taxing, waiting for a gate. I curse Southwest for the first time in my life. We jump into the car to pick up a cheese/cracker and veggie plate from HEB in an effort to curb her hunger. I do not intend for her to do this home study cranky with low blood sugar.

10:15- Once home, we return to our stations on the couch. Every vehicle that passes Hubs jumps up to check to see who it is.  We pour more coffee. In hindsight, we probably over did the caffeine but at the time it felt right.
Peeking to see if the next vehicle is her. False Alarm.

10:45- SW texts Hubs that she is picking up her rental car. We each make a run through of the house again to see what else we can straighten or hide. I was not that nervous earlier, but the waiting is giving me time to over think.

11:00 - Still perched on couch. Walking nervously between rooms to peek trough windows. 

11:30- Car pulls into driveway. I awkwardly cannot figure out where I should sit. I jump back and forth between couch and chair..... wondering how long I should wait after she knocks before opening the door. She knocks. I mistakenly choose to open the door too quick... mid-knock. Awkward. We greet and discover she had tried a new airline and did NOT fly Southwest. I knew it, Southwest would not do me dirty like that.


She assessed, asked, prodded, warned, admonished, encouraged and then deemed us FIT to be parents of a special needs child from Eastern Europe. 
I made a point to drop Dr. Purvis into convo a couple times since I know how social workers love them some Connected Child.  The social worker was wonderful! She has a heart for adoption and has worked with Eastern Europe and RR before. We feel like we are in good hands. She also ended the study with a great and GLORIOUS sentence: "Give me 2 1/2 to 3 weeks." WHAT?!? I was warned that this might take 6-8 weeks. I will give you 2-3 weeks with pleasure.

2:00 Made it to the 2 pm showing of Super Man - Man of Steel. 
Celebrating another finished step with  my Super Man. 

Thanks everyone for covering today with your prayers and thoughts. We felt it and appreciated it.