My new job

Bring Home Baby D Central- and remnants of my PBJ from lunch. 
Just reflecting that  leaving my job was all part of God's plan.  Here is my new place of work. It has two locations: Here you see -Bring home Baby D Central, but there is also a mobile unit, AKA the Honda.
Yes- Good eye. That is a cup of coffee next to a diet coke.  I am getting a baby AND I do not have to give up caffeine. HECK YES.
 I sign, scan, email, take a sip of coffee and then do that over again but alternate with the diet coke. Scanning and downloading documents one at a time. Scanning. Scanning. Scanning. 

3 weeks.
3 fast but somehow long, exhilarating but indeed frustrating, weeks.
I need to get a hold of myself because adoption is a long process and we have only just began this race.
And I do feel like on some level it is race. Now that I know WHO we are doing this for, every day that goes by I feel like I am racing against time.  The days are winning this race. Another day just sprinted by where I did not get to hold him, love him, cuddle him, play with him, or help him develop. Slow your roll woman. We have many months ahead of us. 

We went to the doctor and found out we are relatively healthy.  HIV, Syphilis, and TB free- Yipee!
We went to the county appraisal office- twice.
We went the Chase bank for mortgage proof.
We went to the church to notarize paperwork.
Found out my passport number on the paperwork was wrong. (Something I probably should have checked pre-notary). 
Church secretary re-notarized everything.
Scanned everything into state-side facilitator.
Found out Jon's issuing passport provider was wrong. (Again Carly.... PROOF READ.)
Went to bank and got paperwork re-notarized.
Scanned new paperwork into facilitator.
Found out the word passport was spelled PASSORT on our documents. (Are you kidding me?-When will I learn.)
Went to a different bank and got paperwork re-notarized.
Paper work submitted to our facilitator state-side approved..... feeling good!
Home appraisal form rejected due to lack of address stamp. 
Went back to county appraisals office.
Paper work APPROVED from both facilitators. 

Whats Next?
Mom (super glad she is coming) and I will drive to Austin on Monday for a walk in appointment to hand deliver my paper-babies for the Sec of State to provide an apostille for them. When I called the office for more information I learned:
a) I was saying it wrong (embarrassed much). It is pronounced uh-pos-til. I was saying it uh-pos-il. You know, like the 12 apostles. :) She was quick to correct me. 
b) The turn around is 30 mins for a walk in appointment or 10 days -not including mail time- if you mail it in.

Decision made- Walk in it is- my roll will not slow!

And Then:
Mom and I return home to prepare for the Home study Friday June 14.
Plus Summer is OVER > School is back in session.