And he shall be called


I know, I know. You want a name. Golly, we do too! Octavian is not his real name. While awesome, it is simply an alias to use during this process and we do not plan on keeping it.
Don't be sad. I know it is cool.
We do not get to know his given name until we are probably over there.

And we have decided, at least for right now, to hold up.  We have a name that we think we might use, but I really want to know what his given name is first.
He has lost so much.  I want to see if there is a way to give him that connection to his birth family, his country, his heritage. Try to respect any progress in development he is making and if he learning his name I want to celebrate that milestone with him. We might try to use his given name or a version of the name.

That being said........

Some of the names in his country are quite difficult to pronounce, spell, or say.  There is also fear in keeping a difficult or funny name that other children in the US cant say or will laugh at. He needs a name that all of his friends can call out when playing on the playground.  He might even have trouble writing, learning or spelling that name.
I might not be able to pronounce it correctly.
He might not even know his name yet.

This decision is tripping me out.
Names are important.  My first taste of parental responsibility and I am wigging. Shows how ready I am.
I don't want to mess this up before we even get started.

So he is called.......

 Baby D

Lil Peanut

Chunky Monkey


Lil Buddy

Lil Dude

Oh and in case you were wondering, I say all of those in my "squeaky voice"