I made a rookie mistake.  Back in May, we went to get fingerprinted for our state and FBI background checks.  I had heard it can take 5-7 weeks so I wanted to check this off my list early.
Remember when I was saying I needed to slow my roll........
I should have listened to myself.
I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to receive the notarized copy of the report.  I was not stressed. We had other major things to wait before we were ready to submit. No biggie.
I was waiting for something that was never coming.  I had filed for fingerprints under some Adam Walsh Act instead of the boring ole international adoption application. Why did I file this way- because this was the paperwork given to me by our SW doing the HS. She needed background checks for the HS.   But under this heading- THEY WILL NOT SEND YOU THE RESULTS. PERIOD.

Conversations on the phone with Shirley (S) this morning at the State Dept.  

ME: Shirley
Me: I have given you my name. The account number. And you are telling me you found the report.
Me: Print out that report. Notarize it. Send it to me. PLEASE!
S: I Can't.
ME: Shirley, IT IS RIGHT THERE. YOU ARE READING IT NOW.  Hit the print button. Walk over to your secretary's desk to have her/him notarize it and put it in the mail. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
S: Sweetie, you have to redo it.
Me: But why, when you guys already did it?  You have it. It is done. What a waste of time, resources, your money and my money.
S: It's that Adam Walsh Act you filed it under. 
CRYING. (me not shirley)
S: Dont Cry.
Me: Shirley, I'm not mad at you. I just do NOT understand. You see, my baby.... my baby.....is stuck oversea's with special needs. No one helping him learn to talk. No one helping him learn to walk.  He has DS. What if he has a heart condition?  Everyone keeps asking me if it is difficult to work with the *** government (Baby D's country). But the truth is the only people making me cry is Texas and the US.  
Crying. (Shirley this time.)
Me: I'm sorry Shirley. It's not your fault. This is just our first major bump. I just do not understand. It seems so simple to fix.
S: You will get over the bump sweetie. Just go redo it ASAP.