Fat locusts

I feel like the locust are eating everything!! "Get full and swarm on all ready you guys", I whine at night.
People keep encouraging me that soon Baby D will be in my arms. I will feel like everything went crazy fast and we will have the rest of our lives to catch up.
True and encouraging.
But still.

Then I read another book. While they are great in helping me prepare and making me a knowledgeable mamma bear that can advocate for my child, they also elicit a response of fear.
They propose that in DS the first couple years are the most critical.... oh no.
They suggest that the longer a child is institutionalized the more difficult attachment can be..... oh dear.
In  response I shout: WE HAVE TO HURRY!
But this is a process and we can only go so fast.
The LOCUSTS keep eating.

God keeps settling my fears. Whatever these fat locusts keep chopping away at God is going to restore.
Soon this empty room will be filled with a crib, toys, books, a chair, and A CHILD.

God can take care of the destroyed fields those short-horned flying grasshoppers leave behind. He promises to restore the missing time, however long.

Praying for the faith to believe that promise.