Shaking him off

Florence + The Machine

We got up early on Friday morning and got re-fingerprinted for the state/FBI clearance.
The next morning in the mail-box I found a giant envelope from the USCIS. Is this happening? Soo fast? We are already approved?! How can it be?! My heart was pounding. 
NOPE. Bump-Bump.
They sent back EVERYTHING. During the process of applying they updated their forms.  

"The application was filled out on an outdated version of this form.  Please resubmit your application on the current version of this form with the appropriate fees."

We re-sent in, for the 3rd time, our USCIS application, on the "updated" form. Which, oh by the way, is exactly-100%-the same as the version we sent in. Even down to the typos. The only difference is the small revision date on the bottom right corner. hmmm. But we obeyed.

Now we are waiting again.

Thanks friends and family for the encouragement and support over the weekend. I was caught off guard with the amount of doubt and frustration these back-to-back bumps brought to the surface. Community had my back, though.

Gonna shake him off and keep dancing.