But We Wait

Guys- Two more families got dates this morning.  They were given a ONE WEEK notice for court dates as their court date is Oct 3.  So is the story of international adoption. In all they had a 8 week wait from submittal!

Today I am feeling OVERWHELMED with all that needs to be done in 8 weeks.
I know I usually do not discuss the financial part of this journey but it is definitely a shadow looming around every corner right now. Buying plane tickets with a one week notice will not be cheap. Can you guys pray for Hubs and I as we navigate this delicate issue?
I am aslo open to advice and suggestions. I am struggling with the "fundraising" department.

Also thanks for everyone who has been shopping away at AMAZON. You guys are awesome. I checked our amazon associates account today and it had over $100! That was the easiest fundraising EVER. Thanks for remember to link up. Shop on dear friends.