Attention Coffee Lovers

My favorite kind of fundraising is the type where you are going to buy that something anyway, but now part of the proceeds goes to a cause.  This is why I like the Amazon Associates link I am always going on about.

Are you a coffee drinker? If you have coffee on your grocery list this week, why not but it from here?! You can sip your cup of joe, knowing not only is it fair trade, but you helped a couple adopting 2 precious children from Eastern Europe.  This couple as been a huge source of encouragement to us as we have navigated the confusing and sometimes troubling waters of international special needs adoption.  They got their travel date this week and are leaving in 10 days!!!! Plus I am hoping we are in country at the same time so we can meet up for some Borsht and hugs. Buy your coffee through them and let's make this happen.

So check out their site at Just Love Coffee

Cuteness overload! Cute couple and Cute kids!