How the D's do ONE

He celebrated his first year surrounded by a family that is absolutely smitten with him. 

 He brings JOY to our life every day. 

Did I mention that the cake was egg and butter free? 
The egg was on purpose - I haven't introduced eggs in his diet yet and did not think first bday party was the right time to discover if he had an allergy. Googled up some suggestions and threw in a little applesauce and a mashed banana instead.
Once everyone had arrived, my social anxiety kicked in and needing a boost, I opened the microwave to warm up some leftover morning coffee. SURPRISE, there was the butter I had put in the microwave to soften while making the cake. 

Cousin Austin coming in for a quick smash cake pep talk and strategy planning conversation.

First Contact initiated.

I guess Little Man is a health nut because he seemed to approve of the SANS butter and egg cake.