How the D's do senses


When we first got home, new mama bear rushed quickly to get Little Man into every type of doctor/medical appointment possible. Let's get the party started.
We saw audiology after only being home 3 weeks. Little Man and I sat in a chair in the middle of a little room with black speaker boxes scattered across the wall and in the corners. Then the audiologist sitting outside the room used the microphone to play her voice at  certain tones or volumes through one of the speakers and evaluate the response. Will he look in the direction of the box the sound is coming from?  Little Man looks anywhere but the speakers. He mainly just stared at his hand the whole time. We stepped out of the sound room to receive the verdict that we have moderate to severe hearing loss. 


At that point, he had only been out of an orphanage for 3 weeks where I am sure he had learned to tune out distractions. Noise and sound was not relevant to him there. It had no meaning. So when he doesn't turn to look where a sound comes from, can we know for sure he is not actually hearing it,  or does he just simply not care?

Congestion is a theme in this house. Each morning is greeted with thick snot and a junky cough until it has an hour to drain out.  I was not surprised when the tympanometry readings of Little Man's ears showed this little guy is full of fluid. Yeah, it pours out all over me every morning!

Last week we repeated our audiology appointment, now 5 months home. He still didn't look at very many of those speaker boxes. HMMMMMMM……...

Time for Eustachian Tubes.


About 2 months ago, we started noticed that Little Man's eyes would cross several times a day. Ok to be honest, My mom vision never saw it. I just see cuteness every time I look at his face!  Walking into his one year well-child check up the first question I got-

 "How long has he been going cross eyed?"

 And now that I am aware of it I see it quite I bit. It has gotten worse. Our first opthamologist appointment (remember how I was over zealous mama bear?) was the first month home and we were told everything looked great. In fact, we were even told not to come back until pre-K or Kindergarten for another check up. However, that is not consistent with the recommended screening for children with DS, but who I am to argue with a TCH ophthalmologist. 

This time we went to the same ophthalmologist our pediatrician (who we simply adore by the way) uses for her daughter and got much different results. 

Time for Glasses.

We are on the road to enhancing our senses!  

Any recommendation of brands for glasses for a 14 month old? One who is trying to learn to crawl and likes to face plant frequently?

What do you guys think of Miraflex or Specs4Us?

Hubs likes how Miraflex looks better, but I have heard that they sit too close to the eyes. 


I guess he is not a fan.

He was over the whole "enhance the senses" movement at this point. I did not even try to do a MiraFlex photoshoot. We will try again this weekend.