How I became Jerry Gergich from Parks and Rec

Did you guys jump on the Parks and Rec band wagon?

ummmmm WHY NOT?!

Ok. well it is not too late. Get off this blog- go to Netflix or Hulu- and jump on board.
For two reasons. Mainly, it is super funny. GEEEZZZZ.
Secondly you will better understand this next sentence.
At clinical, I became the Jerry Gergrich of the office.

The doctor constantly introduced me as Carla to his patients. I felt awkward interrupting/correcting him so I simply let it slide. I let it go too long. I eventually started introducing myself to patients as Carla!!! When I finally corrected him (the second to last week) he smiled and said "ok". Then we went in the next room and called me Marilyn to the next patient.

Trying to act cool about this name change, I casually leaned back against the wall with a faux-intellegent smile and nod. Telling myself that Marilyn is probably just an incredibly smart student I remind him of- RIGHT?
Click. I accidentally turned off the lights with my "lean back" while he was doing a hernia check.

"Hi, I'm Carla. The student working with Dr. B. But you can call me Marilyn."

Then awkwardly, when it was time for him to fill out my evaluation at the end, he read the name at the top of the form:

"Carly?" with a peculiar look
"Oh yes sir, Carly is my legal name."
"Hmmm. ok"

I mean really, what else was I suppose to say here?

For reals guys. Someone how I graduated.

"God, they're both horrible."