Chew on this: Meet the cutest eater ever

Eating/Drinking has been quite the adventure for us. But even if he hasn't always done it well- he has alway done it oh-so-cute!
Feeding in U was so scary. He only got 1/3 of each feeding and was struggling with aspiration.

Many international calls to our on call Speech Path Aunt Courtney for help.

He is a champ at pureed food. And now he can even sign "more".

At around 14 months we finally got down the pincher grasp and starting picking up bites of food ourselves. We are slowly upgrading and are now chomping on bananas, itty bitty bits of chicken, yogurt melts, pasta bits and puffs. Strangely he loves plain Quinoa. I know this list is only going to get bigger and bigger.

 We still have not been able to figure out the sippy cup. The honey bear makes an appearance at every meal and we make some grand attempts which usually results in him spitting water everywhere.

Spoons are also an excellent teether. 

Either side does the trick.

He chews cute my friends. Old man face is one of my favorites.

Showing off how well he eats broccoli. Veggies are better than fruits to this guy. Still having to puree quite a bit but I have figured out some easy go to meals to help save time and money. Those food pouches are awesome but that add up with your kid is downing 12-16 oz each meal. The fridge is overflowing with steam-ready bags of frozen vegetables. Microwave those bad boys and toss in the magic bullet = instant meal. Then add quinoa as a side is; heaven to Little Man. He might be a vegetarian. I keep asking him about it but he has yet to give me answer for now. He probably just doesn't like labels you know. Allowing room for him to change his mind later if he wants :).

Chomping on my pizza crust at dinner. He would not let me take it out of his mouth and placed a death grip on my hand.

Every week I am amazed at his milestones. He loves food. Is crazy about it. OBSESSED.