Mornings with Little Man

Effortlessly cool while mom tries too hard. 

Many changes happen when you become a parent. Dinner, going to the store, getting ready for bed, these activities take on new shapes and routines. My morning routine is wonky. I still haven't worked out all the kinks.

Pre-Little Man Morning:
Jump up at first alarm - I hate snooze
Run if there's time,
Start the coffee
Blow dry hair
Sip coffee while putting on make up
Take a moment to check mail, FB, instagram
Get dressed- probably change outfits once or twice
Prepare my over-priced flaxseed whole-grain waffle with almond butter
Load car,
Listen to NPR and feel smart and up-to-date while driving to work 
Get to work 10-15 mins early.

Simple. No fuss. No rush.

Little Man Morning:
Hear Little Man get up at 4:30,
Pretend that I don't hear him yet and try to sleep another 30 mins praying he too falls back asleep
I am desperate for a snooze button now
Hear Little Man getting even louder
5:15 find him sitting up in crib looking at me sooooo sweet
Change the fullest diaper ever- this kid can pee - A LOT.
Take the sheets off the crib and put in wash- he peed through the diaper
Make him a scrambled egg and extra-fatty-dietitian-ordered smoothie
A mix of feeding and very supervised self-feeding goes on at this point
Attempt to start a pot of coffee
Make his lunch. which stresses me out every day. I am so worried about not sending him enough or sending him something he will choke on
Clean him up - somehow there is egg in his hair and his diaper
Set him in front of Baby Einstein where I now have exactly 20 mins to get myself ready
Shower or rewet my hair
Pretend my hair is curly and try to scrunch it with assortment of miracle curl-making gels
Swipe some eyeliner and mascara on
Throw on first outfit I find in closet
Load car with lunch pail, back pack and undrank coffee
Dress him while he attempts to eat my hair
Help him hold the bottle of almond milk he is trying to guzzle down
Load car
On the road by 7:20 or traffic will win the war its rage against me
Put on Toddler Radio or Page CXVI lullabies (Don't even mention the phrase "Science Friday" to me right now, I miss Ira like I miss a dear friend)
Get stuck behind stalled vehicle
Sing Wheels on the Bus for 45 mins. He really like it when the people go Up and Down. 
Get to school and attempt to put shoes and glasses back on that were taken off and thrown during the drive causing a scene in the parking lot.
Disheveled, slobber in hair and snot on sleeves we enter the doors of  Rise School

These changes while sometimes frustrating can also be the BEST part of my day.  Little Man is a morning person. He greets me with the absolutely cutest grin and cuddles in between ripping the glasses of my face. When we sing together he reaches for my hands to bring them to his cheeks, excited that I am there and singing his favorite songs. And we all know how I feel about two piece pajamas…..

Why did I wait so long to get up and hang with him? 

These moments are so temporary. Soon I will be handing him a sippy cup and telling him to eat breakfast by himself, longing for the days where he needed me to help him more but proud of his growing independence. One of my friends wrote a birthday blog for her precious boy who turned one last week. One sentence stuck out as she tried to encourage other moms of children with special needs:

"….you will get to enjoy your baby a little longer. And when they do hit those milestones you will celebrate like you won the lottery."

In our case, enjoying our "baby"even longer has brought me such joy as we missed the first 8 months of his life. Each milestone that I get to be there with him for has been like winning the lottery. Soon…. he will be two. Our frustrations, challenges and morning routines will look different.  Hidden in those challenges and routines will be the best moments a mom could ask for if I take the time to be fully present for them.  As we enter the season of "1-year ago today" moments….. I know I will be bombarded with the memories of getting his referral picture, getting the call with travel dates, first meeting, first time he feel asleep in my arms, first smile, etc. In one year my world has changed so much. Overwhelmingly wonderfully different. What will our life look like next year?

Have I mentioned he is the CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD? 

This is our new "kisses" face. He is puckering up his lips asking for a kiss.  I mean…. you cannot withhold smooches from that face!!!
He fell asleep in the store-brand diaper. This is no good. NO GOOD. This definitely means a change of sheets in the morning. AHHHH but that little boy is one precious sleeper.