How we do Upside Down October

Anne of Green Gables understood the mysterious hold and power October can have on us as it transitions us into a new season; bringing with it cooler weather (hah!), fresh starts, and blooms of the physical and metaphorical.

And it brings my birthday so I will say it’s a pretty legit month.

October is also a month to advocate and shout the worth of individuals with Trisomy 21.

Join our family as we turn October UPSIDE DOWN. How do we do this you ask? (I know you did because I am that good.)

1)      Find our Facebook Page: Jovial State of Mind and FOLLOW it.

2)      All week choose ONE THING to “give up”. I give up my weekly Starbucks. You could think small like a soda or big like a whole dinner out to eat.

3)      On Monday’s at 630pm join our dance party on facebook and DONATE the money you could have spent on your splurge that week to the organization we are dancing to celebrate.

4)      DANCE!

5)      SHARE! Like the video and share it. Or share what you learned over dinner or at coffee with friends. Share what you have learned about the organization we have showcased or share about what you have learned about the ABILITIES of individuals with Trisomy 21. Share your own post on social media about #upsidedownoctober. 

Last year we had so much fun dancing and celebrating our friends who are doing AMAZING things for individuals with Down Syndrome. Not to mention Carter has some crazy dance moves that are sure to entertain.

Turn you October Upside Down!