Buying the field

"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field."

I found it. And it is confusing, and a little much for some to watch because for the FIRST TIME EVER, I am truly willing to joyfully sell everything and buy the field.

First time?! 

For years I have been approaching God with my first held tight to certain areas of my life. I knew that if I really had an honest conversation with Him, He would ask me about them. 
"What'cha got there?" 
So I limited the chatter. We could have a quick chat at church. I could drop Him a Thank You here and there. Maybe discuss a sick kid I was taking care at work or sing some praise songs, but I was careful what topics we approached. Songs or whispers about surrendering everything made me uncomfortable  Lifting hands high, proclaiming Him King got me nervous. He could wreck shop. I have read Irresistible Revolution and Radical. I know what happens to people who say things like that.  
What would my life look like? 
Deep down, I knew it would look different.

Saying Yes to this adoption started the conversation up again. I am loosening my grip and letting him peek at the treasures clinched in my fist.  I mean, really he knew what was there all along right.

What I have found was unexpected. I now say "I surrender all" and then not only expect him to wreck shop, but desperately want him to.  I did not understand before. When you find the Kingdom of heaven you buy the whole field and YOU WANT TO. This is not driven by guilt or fear of what He expects of me. It is driven by the JOY of finding the treasure in the field in first place. 

Can I get a little mmmhhhhhmmmm... AMEN!?

I am buying the field.  It is going to marvelously wreck our lives. 

The reality of an over-sharer

My dad is not a fan of the "internets". I will never worry about him creeping my facebook page or writing an embarrassing twitter. I can understand why. Sometimes it is startling all the private things in our life we  choose to make so public. Almost seems narcissistic. I recently read in Reader's Digest (which my dad is a fan of and in fact renews my subscription to every year) that there is quite a bit of controversy over photos people upload on Facebook.  From what I understand, once you upload them, Facebook and the entities you "like" basically have the rights to them. Makes me reconsider my blogging and Facebook addiction.... for only a moment.
When it comes to blogging, I often laugh at myself for being egocentric enough to think the world wide web wants to hear from me. How I consider that my fascinating life, crafts, thoughts, and musings need to be shared. Sitting here sharing my life with strangers. I don't even know if they have kind faces!
And once I saw Julie and Julia, the fantasies began spiraling. Mr. Movie Director should be emailing me any day now to discuss the contract for a screen play based on my blog/life. OK... maybe not a movie... but for sure a publisher is going to want  me to write a book.
 I rarely even keep up with this blog. It has no direction, theme, continuity, or consistency. Why do I continue to get such a high from hitting Publish for a new post?
Probably both.
But I also think I have always been a chronic over-sharer. I spill the beans on secrets and sins usually the first night of going to a new small group.  Word-vomit regret is a daily emotion I encounter. That tight knot in your belly you get when you walk away from a conversation saying "why did I tell them that?" happens at this once a day. I am grateful that I have a thing for "awkward moments" since I classically create them daily.
I value transparency but do I cross the line into over-divulging.
Aaaahh. There I go over- sharing and over-thinking.

elephant nursery

elephant nursery
Hold your Horses/Elephants! This was done while avoiding studying for finals, not for any expecting reason. So polyvore.... trying to make an outfit is a daunting task that makes me feel like I am in middle school again.  Listen folks, there is a reason I picked nursing as a career. I even get stressed at times regarding which scrub top should I wear with which scrub bottom. But I found that I love putting together a mod-podge nursery set. I realize that this set probably breaks all sorts of "design" elements and rules; but isn't it fun!
You should do it too! Stop being productive and start polyvoring!

elephant nursery by nursecarly on
     Paint: Sea Glass by Martha Stewart

Changing the line-up

Announcement. What I am about to share took a lot of deep thought and soul searching.
I am changing my celebrity friendship lineup. (Don't act like you don't have one. The couple of celebs that you would hang out with on a regular basis.) See here for my previous crew. It has been a solid unchanging list for several years now and I felt the need to evolve it as I myself have evolved.
And with this I say, Beyonce, you have been a good celebrity pal. Your superior dance moves and rockin thighs have always somehow made my days better. The effort you make to get our youth hip and healthy is duly noted. With that, We need to move on. Of course Jay Z is still part of the crew so by default you would still make it to say birthday parties, etc.
Tina Fey, you are a classic. My weird obsession with female comedians all started with you. You are just in a different league now. Comedian Mom. It would be hard to relate to your new mom based jokes when we meet up at the coffee shop.
So with two spots vacant, it is important to keep my gang well rounded. I need my go to comedian, which I think I am pretty set on Mindy Kaling. The music video above pretty much settles the debate. I also need to fill the opening of Superstar. (Jay-Z does not fit this. He is not just a rock-star. He is the world dominator-entrepreneur-pays for everyone's dinner every time-friend.) This is where I am really up in the air and looking for guidance. This is a serious decision. Your Celebrity friend line up say a lot about who you are as a person!
 Suggestions. Who is on your list?
Here are some ridiculously lame but seriously awesome quizzes to help: (Loved this one because it paired me with Natalie Portman!) (Terrifying results. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! What the Heck Happened!)

2011 Christmas Break Reading list

image via

Whether Christmas Break is the perfect time to catch up on some reading or you need to give that nerdy book lover a gift, here is what I recommending this year:

The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
When it comes to reading I will admit I can sometimes be snobby about it. Twilight, for example, I judge it harshly. I can watch the movie and enjoy myself because I love movies, almost all movies, but reading Twilight was hard for me. Maybe it is because the story is not new for me. Buffy loved Angel long before Bella fell in love with Edward. One of my besties, who just happens to be a huge Twilight fan, recommended The Hunger Games. "UUGHH- not another Twilighty book that everyone will be wildly crazed about," I judgmentally pondered. But I gave it a chance and....
I am on board the Crazy Hunger Games Train! TOOT TOOT!
Sooo. The whole premise of these books is quite HARSH and morbid when you think about it. The government forcing Kids to fight to the death for sport on t.v. in an effort to prevent rebellion. EEK. I wanted to hate it. I wanted to judge the literary fun out of it! I read it in two days. The second one in one day. When I had to stop for dinner plans in the middle of the second book I was thinking about that silly Katniss girl the whole evening and wondering how in the world she would survive.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling
She is a fave on the Office and it is not surprising she has written a funny and smart book that has stories and memories that will resonate with most women.

BossyPants- Tina Fey
Finally find out how she got that scar!

Shanghai Girls- Lisa See
Historical Fiction delight. Sometimes my love for historical fiction keeps me in a Jewish WWII or a pre-Civil War slavery world and it was nice to have a new adventure following two sisters in China and L.A. during the 1930's.

oh look a dancing goat

As we drove through small country towns along the route to visit the grandparents, my mom would make random comments about how peaceful it would be to have a cow and a goat and how much she wanted one. haha..... I don't think she really thought it through. It would just look so picture-book when we would pass by giant farm houses with wrap around porches and small baby goats and cows off in the field.
Last weekend at the pumpkin patch, a stinky grungy goat purposefully tried to pee on me. Seriously, it was intentional. We were feeding him the silly goat food and when we ran out, he gave me the stank-eye and then turned around to pee on me. Anything but peaceful.

She was probably picturing something more like the little hopper in the above video. Here is your peaceful moment Mom.

Image via Cafe Cosecha

Running with style

Went for my first outside run of the season. Fall, for some people, is here when the pumpkin spice latte is back, or perhaps it's getting ready for Halloween, or these days you know its fall when Christmas decor hits Hobby Lobby. For me, its being able to run outside again.
Yes, I realize I could have been running outside anyway but I enjoy breathing, staying hydrated, not throwing up and avoiding heat strokes. In my head, where I am CEO of fantasy land, I am an incredible super-athlete with a resting heart rate of 40 and built of solid muscle. In the real world, there is NOOO way I can run outside if it is above 90 degrees. NO way. I would cry and have to call J to pick me up somewhere.
Lets go ahead and be real honest with each other- I did not do well. I have not run outside since spring and my body let me know that this decision was unexpected. But my body also loved it. As I started running, my thighs worked and as my muscles were waking up and they stared screaming "it's about time". My lungs stretched open and my heart pumped furiously to keep up and I loved it. And I hated it. I made it 3 miles and then almost threw up while waiting for the crosswalk to blink go on the way home.
At the "oh mercy alive- I'm about to throw up in front of all these cars" moment I thought to myself "WHY am I not doing this more". This is going to sound simply juvenile but I felt so good that at one point I even through my arms wide open while I jogged. Then I realized what I was doing and immediately pulled myself together. Only Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow can run like that and get away with it.
All day I felt better about myself- Like I was some magnificent Olympian for running (jogging) 3 miles. The getting up to do it- bummer, the motivating myself to do it- difficult, the actually working out part- painful, the post-work out feeling of accomplishment- TOTALLY WORTH IT.
Did I inspire you to set your alarm for 4:30 a.m. tomorrow? yeah..... I'm still trying to convince myself to do it again tomorrow too.

What I learned in Computer class

For my last job, I was trying to make a spreadsheet to help me keep up with daily data for an end of the year report and quickly realized I do not recall how to navigate efficiently around Excel.
Then I remembered why. All I learned in Computer class was how to hunt buffalo and pack lightly. I lost a lot of good friends and family to the trail and we had some memorable trips. Between this and Midnight Rescue during elementary keyboarding class, it is simply an accomplishment that I have even figured out how to blog!

Disclaimer: This video is long but somehow addicting. I encourage you to only watch enough to jog the memory and then shut-her-down.

my new fave make-up trend

This chick, Katie Alves, paints complete Disney movie scenes on her eyelids. I cannot even successfully master the smokey eye. Impressive. I am blogging this in an effort to propel this into a new make-up trend. What a great conversation starter. Put your favorite classic movie scene as your eye-shadow and simply close your eyes when you are awkwardly out of things to discuss. This might be my new friend-making plan.
Seriously guys, she's got freaking baby Simba on her lid! Here's hoping miss Katie never gets ptosis.