Paperwork Countdown

What are people talking about when they are talking about a dossier?

A dossier(pronounced “doss-e-A”) is a the collection of documents (usually notarized and apostiled) containing detailed information about your family that you will send to the government of the country you are adopting from for them to review. 

Here is a list of the paperwork we completed for our home study and dossier.

Documents for Dossier

1. Petition asking to adopt specific child (CSP, blank)-3 originals

2. Petition for adoption

3. Petition for data processing 

4. Home study report – 2 originals 

5. Agency license – 2 copies

6. Social worker's license –2 copies

7. I-171H form (USCIS approval) 

8. Employment statement (husband)

9. Employment statement (wife). 

10. Proof of home ownership (mortgage/rental documents and county assessor)

11. Medical certificate (husband)

12. Medical certificate (wife)

13. Marriage certificate - 2 originals

14. Passport copy (husband) - 4 originals

15. Passport copy (wife) - 4 originals

16. State Police clearance or FBI clearance (husband)

17. State Police clearance or FBI clearance (wife)

18. Letter of obligation - 2 originals 

19. Power of attorney- 5 originals (sent ahead with CSP)

20. Copy of Doctor’s License (1 from each doctor if different)

21. Petition for Interpol - 2 originals

22. 1040 tax form from previous year

23. Name declarations – one each if needed

24. POA one spouse to another- 2 originals, one each parent (do not mail with dossier- hand carry!)

Documents for Home Study

1.      Birth certificates for all parties involved

2.      Marriage license

3.      Any divorce decrees

4.      First page of most recent income tax return

5.      Copy of medical insurance card

6.      Copies of driver’s licenses

7.      Copy of the floor plan of your home complete with dimensions and purpose of the room – handwritten is acceptable

8.      Pictures of the front yard and the back yard of the residence.

9.      Current vaccination records for any pets

10.  Hague Training certificates =10 hours online training classes
11.   Autobiography statements
12.  Personal Data Form
13.  Criminal Background check release