The Plan

A very COMPACT list:

1. Paperwork- lots of paperwork. For the Social Worker, for the agency, for the government, etc.

2. Doctor's appointment. May 29.

3. Fingerprints. May 28.

4. Get the house ready for home study.  (Thanks Mom)

5. Home Study.  June 14. 

6. Wait for SW to put together Home Study (4- 6 weeks.)  
7. Send USCIS 1600A form. and wait for approval (6-8 weeks)
8. Biometrics Fingerprint appointment assigned by USCIS.
9. Apostille necessary documents.

10. Submit Dossier.

11. Wait for travel dates from the government- 8-11 weeks  (DAP scheduled Nov 14)

12. Travel. Meet our peanut. Cry. Cuddle. And come home without little buddy. Probably Cry some more. (Nov 10-Nov 30)

13. Wait 10 -14 days. Frantically Prepare.

14. Travel back. Hug lil buddy. Cry. Bring him home. (Dec 7)

15. Cuddle.  Home on Dec. 18th and have not stopped cuddling since. :)

We are hoping to complete this in 5-7 months. WOWZER. 
It is looking like a November/December trip.  But I will not complain if it happens sooner.