This would work

images via Combining two loves: Ice cream and sugar cereal

This is a Get-Away Moment.
In 6th grade, I experienced this overwhelming, "I do not know how to cope with my emotions yet", moment where I grabbed a box of Lucky Charms from the pantry and ran away. After a couple blocks, reality sunk in that a cereal box really was not the ideal run-away gear. I decided to just chill at the park swinging and eating the marshmallows from the box instead.
Maybe if this concoction had been in my freezer I would not have needed to run away at all. This is running away. I can only imagine that this would somehow magically (yes, that's a pun here for the "magically delicious" cereal) make overwhelming emotions shrink to manageable proportions with each crunchy yet creamy bite. Kudos to you MilkMade Ice Cream.