Shirts are here!  If you did not get yours yet- do not panic- be on the lookout Monday and Tuesday.
Don't forget to take a cheesy picture wearing them and upload them to Facebook. (Hey anti-FB friends: you can just email or text them to me.)
You can tag me or Bring Home Baby D.
I am going to put those pics in a photobook for Baby D to look through.


I am sad to report that NO dates were given out last week.  This was not easy to find out.  I checked my phone every 10 minutes, every day. When Friday came and went, my heart sank.  There are still 3 families listed in front of us. I am hoping that maybe 4 families will get dates next week and that we are one of those 4. I am hoping this date announcement delay just means we will have less notice before we leave and not that our date will be farther away. Just keep chanting, "God's timing is perfect." That's all I can do to stay sane.

With that said, we are still thinking we will be leaving in the next 2-3 weeks.

Trying to start the packing process.