Upside Down October

Fall days are here friends and there is no better way to celebrate its arrival than having a campaign for Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

During the month of October, our family would like you to join us in celebrating all our chromosomes by advocating, donating, and learning about four amazing organizations that have a huge personal impact on us. 

Here is how you can join the fun:

1. Follow us on Facebook and IG: @nurseicarly!  Each week we are highlighting an incredible organizations that impact individuals with Trisomy 21 AND personally impacts our family.

2. All week keep checking in as we will be posting ways you can learn more about them, donate to them, or volunteer with them. 

3. Now for the challenge: Give up one drink or splurge that week (soda, starbucks, beer, etc) and donate the amount you would have spent on the splurge to that week's organization. It might seem small but if enough people do it it can be BIG.

4. Join us on Friday night for a LIVE  (this terrifies me) dance party on Facebook to celebrate and remind you to go make your donation. Feel free to post and share what you gave up. We want to thank you for being our people and making an impact.

Our world got wonderfully turned UPside down with our two amazing kids and we are so excited to advocate and shout their worth with you.


Let's turn October UPSIDE DOWN.