Wait for it

Urban Dictionary defines the phrase “Wait for it” –

A sentence-enhancing phrase, used to illustrate the epicness of an object/situation/event.

Being officially submitted indeed elicited celebration and relief; it also pushed us into a season of wait.  One waiting mom made a chart in our online support group that lists out all the people submitted, when they got travel dates, and when they actually traveled.  This Type-A chart, while helpful for getting an idea of when we might receive dates and travel, is also a thorn in my side.  As of today, 15 families are listed ahead of us! I look daily.
‘Did anyone else get dates today? When did they travel? How many weeks did they wait? Where would that put us if we had that long of a wait?’
I count and recount the different templates for possible travel dates and obsess. BACK AWAY FROM THE CHART WOMAN!
Right now we are- WAIT FOR IT-
8-12 weeks until we get on a plane to fly to our lil’ man.
Never have I been more confused about a measurement of time. I cannot decide if that is really soon or very far away.  Sometime I wake up, mind racing, in disbelief that there is only 8 weeks left.  SO MUCH TO DO! Then the next morning I flop slowly out of bed, whining that 12 weeks is sooooooooooooo far away. I cannot wait any longer!
Waiting it out. I don’t know if I am waiting well but every day we get up to wait some more.  I know everyone wants an update…. WE DO TOO!
 Like us, you must wait for it.
Meanwhile, we have 2-3 months to get ready.  I am nesting. Baby D is all a can talk about, think about, or plan about.  While brushing my teeth, I realize I need to find a pediatric dentist and wonder how to brush toddler’s teeth.  In the shower, I make mental lists of bath-stuff we need and wonder if he is going to dislike baths like many adoptive mom’s have blogged about. At dinner, I consider all the feeding options and wonder what bottles/Sippy cups I should pack.  This pattern continues on with driving, cleaning, going out with friends, church, putting my shoes on, etc. etc.
24/7 Baby D thoughts.
I do not know if I can justly illustrate the epicness of this situation. 8-12 weeks.

I told her to make a 'Waiting Face'- Nailed it Roo!