DIY Initial Wreath

Crafting time with Melissa!
Supplies needed
1. Large Sonic Drink from happy hour (I am sure no one would guess what mine was)
2. Yarn for me/Glitter for Mel
3. Wooden letter
4. Ribbon
5. Glue
6. Wreath
Durham Wreath

Eubanks Wreath
Pretty simple eh. Well the glitter was by far the faster way to go. Super jealous of Mel when she was done after painting on the glue and then sprinkling the glitter and I am sitting there winding yarn round and around and around.....
Mel was a pal. It's is possible there was a moment where I pouted when the winding job I was doing was looking sloppy and she came to the rescue and continued stringing that yarn around, and around, and around. Here is my tip if you decide to use the yarn: it's ok to have several layers. Just keep on winding baby!

And I should probably give credit to our inspiration:
yeah I am not going to post the picture cause hers would make ours look bad.